Joseph of Detroit drawn by Jeremy Vlcan
"Miracles: He claimed that he spoke with God. And, he was miraculously eloquent, I guess."

Meg of Chicago drawn by Brett Gottschall
"Martyrdom: It is said that she died in her bed of liver failure, but, rumor has it that she tried to escape one night to give a lost goat hay, and, they caught her and snuffed her out with a pillow."

Phung Drawn by Gregory Jacobsen
"Miracles: Through using a mis of chemicals that had never been used together before- including recycled materials- the saint created a plastic which could be formed to look exactly like our beloved meat!"

Sheila drawn by Luke Samrto
"Martyrdom: Perhaps she was on a religious mission when she died? I don't know, I guess I'll have to recheck the notes on this one. Wait-no notes.