Dan Gleason
Literature. Yes, literature.

Dan has at least 25 books on the market for your pleasure, here are the titles of just a few of them: The Unexpected Gratification I Received From Taking In The Sexual Act With A Homeless Person And Other Less Contemplative Thoughts Rendered In Short Story Form By Dan Gleason, The NCA's Introductory Book To Your Newest Saints, Fairy Tales With Important Morals For Children And Other Unambitious Writings By Dan Gleason, The Great American Novella, Stories Of Life Minus Context And Sense Plus Other Little Ditties By Dan Gleason, I Married A White Woman, Satansbraten: Stories For The Season Of The Witch, The Gospel According To Dan Gleason, All Of Those Happier Thoughts I Was Too Afraid To Express Before (AKA My Big Bland Book Of Feelings) By Dan Gleason, Memoirs Of A Guy In The Band, and Interludes.

His books can sometimes be purchased at Quimby's. Dan is getting rich off of that for sure.

Send email of all demeanors to Dan with this:
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Fish Fry Reading Series
Friday, May 4, 7PM (2007), with readings by: Wesley Stokes (I Often Think of Them When It Snows) Dave Fried (Black Carrot, Save Your Fork, There's Pie!) Daniel Gleason (all them books he writes...) Ross Wolinsky (Hypocritical Mass) Matt Guack (Next Stop Adventure!). Quimbys, 1854 W. North Ave, near the crotch in Wicker Park.

*Into The Westlands -- New audio recording of Gleas' reading his epic western, January 28, 2007. (4.3 MB, mp3)

*Check the new stopGOstop.com blog for postings from Dan (stories and so on, of course)

*Orphan Schlitz Reading Series, or, Ready Set Relapse. Friday, August 25th, 8:00 PM (2006) at Quimbys. With Marc Arcuri, David Tortuga, Al Burian, Dan Gleason, and Meg McCarville. This event is only to promote ultimate coolness. It's free.

*Now Available for purchase online:
It Ain't Extra, It's Sextra (Dan Gleason's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1)
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Kebab, C'mon Back!

I can help you

My Homoerotic Youth
In the early chapters of most everyone's life story, there are certain pages that are more difficult to reflect upon than others. We all have portions of our past that do not fit in with the framework of our positive self-image. Many anecdotes from my autobiography reveal diversions in this path to supposed, 'enlightenment.' Items that some how fell by the wayside in the creation of my adult character. Looking back I often wonder, for example, on the formation of my sexuality. Was I once a young gay male, I sometimes ask myself- or no- I ask myself this quite often, in truth. For as a child it appeared as if I was bound for a future lived in the company of men...
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The Big Time Happy Fun Hour

Dan wrote and directed this one hour radio play for Blind Spot, a weekly experimantal radio show on WLUW. It was controversial in the Blind Spot community and led Dan to bow out of the show. The show aired on July 21, 2004. Dan gave several CD copies of the show away with his book My Homoerotic Youth, and now you can download it here:
Part 1 (10.1 MB, mp3)
Part 2 (10.8 MB, mp3)
Part 3 (11.4 MB, mp3)
Part 4 (7.3 MB, mp3)

Into The Westlands
Click it up right here to download this recording of Dan reading his epic western, "Into The Westlands." Recorded January 28, 2007 on WLUW's Sunday night experimental sound show, Something Else. (4.2 MB, mp3).
Smarto Draws

Other Frightening Audio Literature
These three stories were origionally written and read for the annual Halloween edition of WLUW's Something Else. Dan's entire ouvre of frightening halloween stories can be found in his book Satansbraten: Stories for the Season of the Witch.

A Tale Filled with Suspense and Intrigue (3.1 MB mp3)

Let the Horror into Your Life (1.9 MB mp3)

The Curse of the Black Squirrel (2.8 MB mp3)
"What shall be drawn by the many, will be written by but one." Corinthians, 2:14

Dan wrote The NCA's Introductory Book to Your Newest Saints and asked 14 other folks to do Illustrations of the various saints.

click to view some saints

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