059: Walk on beach near Vik, Iceland


A 25 minute recording of a walk on a beach in southern Iceland near Vik(Photo is from elsewhere in Iceland).

057: Sherwood Island State Park


Episode 57- a recording at the Sherwood Island State Park near Westport, CT.

056: The Fantastic Race to WLUW

March 4, 2004 the blind spot radio program presented The Fantastic Race to WLUW.

Jacob Christopher, Jesse Seay, Jake Quickel, Richard Holland, and Brian Taylor (using different forms of transportation) raced to the radio station.

Hosted by Eric Humphrey and John Wanzel and produced by John Wanzel.

Blind Spot was founded in 2003 by Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel. In its two-year run on WLUW 88.7 Chicago, Blind Spot produced over 90 episodes of live experimental radio. The website for the program is old, incomplete and outdated. I am repackaging a few radio works from the 2000’s and re-releasing them on the podcast in hopes of reintroducing the work to a wider audience.

055: What is everyone else doing

20160616_121446Slowed down pipe organ recordings, trombones, investment banking and hi-tech recruitment videos. What is everyone else doing a new audio collage.

054: Amsterdam Central Station

20160616_134754Episode 54 of the podcast is a binaural recording of Amsterdam Central Station. I was sitting at the main train platforms until someone started to smoke near by, at that point I walked through the station to the busy street outside. I ended the recording walking to our hotel and going up the stairs to our room. The recording is about 20 minutes, no intro, but a short outro.

053: Contemplating the Universe


After a few months off, episode 53 of the podcast- recordings while contemplating the universe: in a church while an organist practices; on a bench near a bookstore; in a car driving home. About 17 minutes.

052: Flute Oscillator

Episode 52 of the podcast is a composition of speed/tone/EQ manipulations of flute recordings from YouTube.