077: Counterclockwise around the White House

A stereo field recording from June 4, 2017 in Washington D.C.

The recording begins sitting in Lafayette Square, near the North Lawn of White House. I then walked counterclockwise around the grounds of the White House (north, west, south, east, north). There is an unusually amount interference in the recording, especially present near the South Gate (14:45). I can only assume it is from the surveillance and detection devices at the gate and around the White House. After I walk past the South Gate you can hear in the distance, just down Pennsylvanian Avenue, the finish line for the Girls on the Run 5K. The run is ‘dedicated to creating a world where every girl knows and activates her limitless potential and is free to boldly pursue her dreams.’ At both the beginning and end of the recording there is the sound of a runner who blows Vuvuzela when he passes by the South Lawn.

The recording is about 25 minutes. Continue reading

076: Give it to him or not, as you please


This week on the program, listening to a lecture on dark matter, ideas about how to gain universal knowledge, field recordings and zombies! stopGOstop is pleased to present the new audio collage — Give it to him or not, as you please.

075: To or at a distance

To or at a distance, a new composition for headphones featuring churning, rustling, buzzing, humming, crickets, a river, and a bowed string.

074: I’m just jumping all over the place

This week on the program, listening to the Mississippi River, CAT6 cabling techniques, rope working and rigging, a lecture about cities in early capitalism and a Peter Gabrial! stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled I’m just jumping all over the place.

073: Don’t forget the happy thoughts

This week on the program, listening to Rube Goldberg machines, Isaac Asimov, ideas about artificial intelligence, and a couple of cover songs. stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled Don’t forget the happy thoughts.

072: The commons don’t fall from the sky

IMG_3974This week on the program, listening to ideas about necessary connection, revolution, the commons, and UFOs. stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled The commons don’t fall from the sky.

071: 844 Big Boy, Pacific, MO

20161018_111051A stereo field recording from October 2016 in Pacific, Missouri. The recording of Union Pacific No. 844 approaching, sitting and then leaving, was made at the intersection of First Street and the train tracks.

070: I Want A Million Subscribers

IMG_5421This week on the program – a president, protesters, the police, and the press – stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled I Want A Million Subscribers.