016: 7 Train to Queens Museum

A 17 minute binaural field recording, starting on the 7 train in the morning heading towards Main Street-Flushing. After exiting the train at 111th Street, I walk through down 111th in Corona, then into the park near the Hall of Science where someone is playing with an electronic toy car. The walk ends in front of the museum.


014: Work to Home


A binaural field recording, from the Queens Museum to my apartment in Harlem via the MTA. It took about about 81 minutes from door to door. It was raining, I had an umbrella. The museum is located in the middle of Flushing Meadows Corona Park, site of both New York World’s Fairs. As you will hear it is also in near LaGuardia Airport. The trip is a fifteen minute walk to the 7 Train, to 42nd Street-Times Square where I transfer to the Uptown 1 Train, to 125th-Harlem. I stopped at a Bodega for a couple things. I did not record the walk up to the fifth floor.


012: Central Park, Snow

A binaural field recording of walking in Central Park after a snow storm. I start at the edge of the park, so there is some traffic noise. Once I enter the park there are horses, families playing, people talking and eventually me walking in Strawberry Fields covered in 8 inches of snow. It was a windy day, so there is some wind noise.  No introduction, about 20 minutes.

009: Studio to Train

a binaural field recording, walking from my studio to the train. about 13 minutes. JW

007: On a Causeway

a stereo recording of walking on a causeway in southwest florida. just over 6 minutes. JW

006: Creek Assension

A binaural field recording of hiking the Curecanti Creek Trail near Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The recording starts near the Curecanti Needle, a 700 ft granite spire, and continues as we walked the two mile back up the ravine to the Pioneer Point overlook. It is a strenuous hike with plenty of wind noise. A short intro, I missed the first 500 feet of the hike up due to technical difficulties (I forgot to press record). The episode is about 23 minutes long.


003: Walking to the Store

A binaural field recording, walking up Broadway to the store and back, to get some ice cream. It was a rainy night, I had an umbrella, but there still is some wind noise in this recording. No introduction, about 30 minutes.