041: Walk in Rockefeller State Park Preserve

A binaural field recording of a walk from the parking area around Swan Lake (not pictured above, but it looks kind of the same) in Rockefeller State Park Preserve. I did not see any swans, but there were lots of joggers. This episode is about 25 minutes long.

034: New Years Eve London Walk


A binaural recording of eating a quick breakfast at the hotel and then a walk around London, new years eve 2014. about 55 minutes. JW

033: Shopping at a Hardware Store


A binaural field recording of shopping at a hardware store in New Rochelle. We recently moved to Mount Vernon, and I needed a few things for the house. I was surprised they played country music, its only a couple miles north of the Bronx, not what you would call the ‘country.’ This episode is about 25 minutes.

031: Boulder Walk

A binaural field recording of walking around south Boulder, CO in the summer of 2015. The episode is about 20 minutes long.

030: Ringing Rock State Park


My friend Brian Taylor was in town for the art fairs so we drove to Ringing Rocks State Park. The episode is a binaural field recording of me walking around hitting rocks with a hammer for about 20 minutes. Some rocks ‘ring’ while others don’t. Brian was off in the distance casting a rock. We had a nice lunch at Ship Inn (not a part of the recording).

025: London Walk


A binaural field recording of walking around London, I start inside a starbucks in High Holborn. I had hopes of recording the entire journey to Greenwich, but the batteries ran out after about 19 minutes.

019: Hyde Park Walk

A binaural field recording in Hyde Park, walking from just outside the Serpentine to the winter carnival. I wandered in the park a bit. It is about 30 minutes.


018: Studio to Apartment

A binaural field recording, from my studio in Sunset Park to my apartment in Harlem. I say hi to M.E. and then hop on the N at 36th Street, transfer at Times Square and head uptown on the 1. The photo is from looking west from the 125th stop, they have since built a very large building in the hole. The episode is about 77 minutes long.