068: Reading, walking, pizza/EDM, walking

20160616_124523A binaural field recording from this past June in Amsterdam… the recording begins sitting in a plaza near the Athenaeum book store reading Children of Time, a fantastic evolutionary scifi book I purchased earlier that day. I then walked for a while until eventually I got hungry and I ordered a slice of New York Style Pizza… I ate the slice to EDM. The remainder of the recording is of wandering my way back the plaza near the bookstore. 

062: Walk in Pennsylvania

20161013_090300Episode 62 of the podcast, a walk in Michaux State Forest.

From wikipeadia… “Michaux State Forest was formed as a direct result of the depletion of the forests of Pennsylvania that took place during the mid-to-late 19th century. Conservationists like Joseph Rothrock became concerned that the forests would not regrow if they were not managed properly. Lumber and iron companies had harvested the old-growth forests for various reasons.”

059: Walk on beach near Vik, Iceland


A 25 minute recording of a walk on a beach in southern Iceland near Vik(Photo is from elsewhere in Iceland).

054: Amsterdam Central Station

20160616_134754Episode 54 of the podcast is a binaural recording of Amsterdam Central Station. I was sitting at the main train platforms until someone started to smoke near by, at that point I walked through the station to the busy street outside. I ended the recording walking to our hotel and going up the stairs to our room. The recording is about 20 minutes, no intro, but a short outro.

047: A Walk to the Library


A binaural recording of a walk from our house to the Mount Vernon Public Library. The library was a gift to the city from Andrew Carnegie and opened in 1904. It is located in downtown Mount Vernon, across from the Post Office and up the hill from the Mount Vernon East Metro North Station. I returned the second book in Rachel Bach’s Paradox trilogy, Honor’s Knight, and picked up Jonathan Franzen’s new book Purity. Space Opera for Literary Soap Opera. There is a little feedback in the recording from the headphones that are built into the binaural mics. It happens sometimes when the wind blows…

043: Short Hike Molas Lake CO


Episode 43 of the podcast – a short hike on the Colorado Trail. The recording was made from Molas Lake back to our car parked just off Highway 550 between Durango and Ouray. The part of the trail we hiked is just below 11,000 feet in elevation. The Colorado Trail is about 500 miles of trail that weaves throughout the Rocky Mountains. We only hiked about 2 miles of it. It was mid-August, around 90 degrees and very sunny, I forgot to put sunscreen on the tip of my nose.

041: Walk in Rockefeller State Park Preserve

A binaural field recording of a walk from the parking area around Swan Lake (not pictured above, but it looks kind of the same) in Rockefeller State Park Preserve. I did not see any swans, but there were lots of joggers. This episode is about 25 minutes long.