A stereo recording on an airplane from New York to St. Louis on a Boeing 737-300. It is about halfway through the flight. No intro, about 12 minutes.

008: Under a Bridge

A stereo recording from under the bridge that connects two small islands in southwest Florida. Cars drive overhead, people walk past and somewhere in the background my dad is fishing. No intro, about 20 minutes.

005: Inside the Apartment, Rain outside

a stereo recording of the rain from inside my apartment. about 5 minutes. JW

001: Broadway at 108th

2012-04-08_19-50-33_768A binaural field recording sitting on a bench on the medium of broadway at 108th (recording made while reading, an occasional page turn can be heard, I don’t remember what book I was reading, but it was probably science fiction). This is the first episode of the podcast, no introduction, about 8 minutes.