068: Reading, walking, pizza/EDM, walking

20160616_124523A binaural field recording from this past June in Amsterdam… the recording begins sitting in a plaza near the Athenaeum book store reading Children of Time, a fantastic evolutionary scifi book I purchased earlier that day. I then walked for a while until eventually I got hungry and I ordered a slice of New York Style Pizza… I ate the slice to EDM. The remainder of the recording is of wandering my way back the plaza near the bookstore. 

054: Amsterdam Central Station

20160616_134754Episode 54 of the podcast is a binaural recording of Amsterdam Central Station. I was sitting at the main train platforms until someone started to smoke near by, at that point I walked through the station to the busy street outside. I ended the recording walking to our hotel and going up the stairs to our room. The recording is about 20 minutes, no intro, but a short outro.

053: Contemplating the Universe


After a few months off, episode 53 of the podcast- recordings while contemplating the universe: in a church while an organist practices; on a bench near a bookstore; in a car driving home. About 17 minutes.

050: Wilson Park


A waterfall, a highway — episode 50 of the podcast features noises of nature and car culture.

024: Thames River Path


A binaural field recording of sitting near the Thames River path. I was walking from High Holborn to Greenwich and stopped for a rest. It was a long walk. The episode is about 6 minutes long.

015: Backyard Boulder, CO


A stereo recording of sitting in a backyard, Boulder, CO. The recording isabout 6 minutes.

013: Columbia V Harvard

A stereo recording of a basketball game, about 7 minutes. Columbia ended up losing to Harvard, but it was a fairly close game. Plenty of cheering, defense and announcing and whistles.

011: Near Lighthouse

A binaural field recording, sitting near a light house in Florida. My dad is fishing somewhere in the background. No introduction, the episode is about 15 minutes.