049: Backyard in February

Episode 49 of the podcast – a stereo recording of our backyard. Featuring several birds, the neighbor’s dog, the ever-present sounds of trains, planes and/or automobiles, beeping (why is there so much beeping), a light wind and a plumber bring a 100 foot snake into the basement to unclog our sewer pipe with noises of unclogging. The recording was made near one deciduous tree, and three evergreen trees, two living, one x-mas, next to the fence pictured above (a side note, our backyard is only about 400 square feet, so the placement was mostly to keep the mic away from the wind).

047: A Walk to the Library


A binaural recording of a walk from our house to the Mount Vernon Public Library. The library was a gift to the city from Andrew Carnegie and opened in 1904. It is located in downtown Mount Vernon, across from the Post Office and up the hill from the Mount Vernon East Metro North Station. I returned the second book in Rachel Bach’s Paradox trilogy, Honor’s Knight, and picked up Jonathan Franzen’s new book Purity. Space Opera for Literary Soap Opera. There is a little feedback in the recording from the headphones that are built into the binaural mics. It happens sometimes when the wind blows…

044: The Falls


Episdoe 43: The Falls – A three hour composition for headphones.

In December 2008 my wife and I took a trip to Niagara Falls. This composition uses some of those recordings as its base. I processed them a lot. The only bit field recording that remains ‘clean’ is a short recording from inside the Niagara Falls Welcome Center. There are three other field recordings in the piece, one a microphone that I dangled down into a jetty on the gulf side of Florida, a short recording from a picnic area just off the beach, also in Florida, and the other sitting near the Horace Mann football field in the Bronx, I was resting after a long bike ride. Besides these brief respites, the piece is tones, grumbles, wa-wa’s, groans, beats and other sounds created through digital signal processing of Niagara Falls. The piece is made at a personal scale, three hours, a duration that is easy to imagine, but hard to hold onto. Ideally, The Falls is to be listened to while at work – doing tasks that you may not want to do or monotonous tasks you like. I would suggest gardening, raking leaves, doing dishes, painting a wall or changing light bulbs.

043: Short Hike Molas Lake CO


Episode 43 of the podcast – a short hike on the Colorado Trail. The recording was made from Molas Lake back to our car parked just off Highway 550 between Durango and Ouray. The part of the trail we hiked is just below 11,000 feet in elevation. The Colorado Trail is about 500 miles of trail that weaves throughout the Rocky Mountains. We only hiked about 2 miles of it. It was mid-August, around 90 degrees and very sunny, I forgot to put sunscreen on the tip of my nose.

041: Walk in Rockefeller State Park Preserve

A binaural field recording of a walk from the parking area around Swan Lake (not pictured above, but it looks kind of the same) in Rockefeller State Park Preserve. I did not see any swans, but there were lots of joggers. This episode is about 25 minutes long.

039: I had an epiphany…


This week on the program – listening to how we represent ourselves while thinking of openness – vlogs, opensource, and, your personal brand, an audio collage entitled I had an epiphany on the first page or sharing with your friends even if you don’t know who they are.

If you want to hear the full interviews and more please visit the footnotes.

035: From Rock to Sea


from rocks to sea – a new composition for headphones. featuring hitting ringing rocks, a bicycle, walking around a carnival, a bowed string, sitting on a plane, riding the 1 train, and walking on a beach. about 48 minutes. jw

034: New Years Eve London Walk


A binaural recording of eating a quick breakfast at the hotel and then a walk around London, new years eve 2014. about 55 minutes. JW