065: Conococheague Creek


A recording of Conococheague Creek in Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania. I used a couple contact mics on a piece of aluminum, on a copper pipe and an old speaker wired as a mic in a Ziploc bag.

062: Walk in Pennsylvania

20161013_090300Episode 62 of the podcast, a walk in Michaux State Forest.

From wikipeadia… “Michaux State Forest was formed as a direct result of the depletion of the forests of Pennsylvania that took place during the mid-to-late 19th century. Conservationists like Joseph Rothrock became concerned that the forests would not regrow if they were not managed properly. Lumber and iron companies had harvested the old-growth forests for various reasons.”

061: Cutting down two small apple trees

Episode 61 of the podcast- On October 26, 2016 I recorded cutting down two small apple trees in our backyard. I changed the mic set-up about half way through the recording.

059: Walk on beach near Vik, Iceland


A 25 minute recording of a walk on a beach in southern Iceland near Vik(Photo is from elsewhere in Iceland).

057: Sherwood Island State Park


Episode 57- a recording at the Sherwood Island State Park near Westport, CT.

054: Amsterdam Central Station

20160616_134754Episode 54 of the podcast is a binaural recording of Amsterdam Central Station. I was sitting at the main train platforms until someone started to smoke near by, at that point I walked through the station to the busy street outside. I ended the recording walking to our hotel and going up the stairs to our room. The recording is about 20 minutes, no intro, but a short outro.

050: Wilson Park


A waterfall, a highway — episode 50 of the podcast features noises of nature and car culture.