074: I’m just jumping all over the place

This week on the program, listening to the Mississippi River, CAT6 cabling techniques, rope working and rigging, a lecture about cities in early capitalism and a Peter Gabrial! stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled I’m just jumping all over the place.

071: 844 Big Boy, Pacific, MO

20161018_111051A stereo field recording from October 2016 in Pacific, Missouri. The recording of Union Pacific No. 844 approaching, sitting and then leaving, was made at the intersection of First Street and the train tracks.

068: Reading, walking, pizza/EDM, walking

20160616_124523A binaural field recording from this past June in Amsterdam… the recording begins sitting in a plaza near the Athenaeum book store reading Children of Time, a fantastic evolutionary scifi book I purchased earlier that day. I then walked for a while until eventually I got hungry and I ordered a slice of New York Style Pizza… I ate the slice to EDM. The remainder of the recording is of wandering my way back the plaza near the bookstore. 

066: A bike ride back from Orchard Beach


A stereo recording of a bike ride from Orchard Beach to our house in Mount Vernon. This is a photo of my old bike. I have upgraded to a matte black single speed. I have not tricked it out with reflective tape… yet.

065: Conococheague Creek


A recording of Conococheague Creek in Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania. I used a couple contact mics on a piece of aluminum, on a copper pipe and an old speaker wired as a mic in a Ziploc bag.

062: Walk in Pennsylvania

20161013_090300Episode 62 of the podcast, a walk in Michaux State Forest.

From wikipeadia… “Michaux State Forest was formed as a direct result of the depletion of the forests of Pennsylvania that took place during the mid-to-late 19th century. Conservationists like Joseph Rothrock became concerned that the forests would not regrow if they were not managed properly. Lumber and iron companies had harvested the old-growth forests for various reasons.”

061: Cutting down two small apple trees

Episode 61 of the podcast- On October 26, 2016 I recorded cutting down two small apple trees in our backyard. I changed the mic set-up about half way through the recording.

059: Walk on beach near Vik, Iceland


A 25 minute recording of a walk on a beach in southern Iceland near Vik(Photo is from elsewhere in Iceland).