072: The commons don’t fall from the sky

IMG_3974This week on the program, listening to ideas about necessary connection, revolution, the commons, and UFOs. stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled The commons don’t fall from the sky.

070: I Want A Million Subscribers

IMG_5421This week on the program – a president, protesters, the police, and the press – stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled I Want A Million Subscribers.


069: Harmony of the Worlds

20170110_175628This week on the program – Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, the mysteries of time and space, game design, emotional development – listening to different ways of modeling the universe and Disco!

stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled Harmony of the Worlds.

067: No one has the answers, but everyone has the answers


This week on the program – listening to the the science of glacier change, Greenland, a lecture on Truman’s choice, a hypothetical nuclear attack, accompanied by digital signal processing – stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled No one has the answer, but everyone has the answer. 


064: Farmers of the Fields of Stars

20150721_072604This week on the program – on earth and in outer space, an audio collage about technology, family and foodstuff.  Featuring interviews and audio about the history of farming, 1970s tractors, learning to drive a tractor, backyard gardening, lettuce in near earth orbit, the year 3001, and Dead Space 2 in conjunction with digital signal processing.



063: The Context of a Finite Planet

601232main_X1.2-flare-20111103-001This week on the program – listening to the last men on the moon, a field recording from hyde park, lectures and presentations on climate change, accompanied by digital signal processing, pipe organ and a marching band- stopGOstop presents an audio collage entitled The Context of a Finite Planet.



060: The Use of Reading and Recording

20141229_134505This week on the podcast: 70s and 80s computers, memory tricks, and the social history of a self-selecting clan of gamers- an audio collage entitled The Use of Reading and Recording.


055: What is everyone else doing

20160616_121446Slowed down pipe organ recordings, trombones, investment banking and hi-tech recruitment videos. What is everyone else doing a new audio collage.