085: A Durable Object

A new composition featuring a software orchestra, computer-controlled synthesizers, and processed field recordings. The piece fully embraces traditional scoring techniques, tonality, and meter. Sonically the midi-controlled flutes, English horn, violin etc. are paired with FM synthesis to create the instrumentation. This joins and coordinates the electronic and orchestral sounds (even though they are both manifestations of software).  When composing I was thinking about the pace and regularity of the workday. The repetition of the musical themes with only slight variations; the strong half-note cascades; the low grumble of a time-stretched boat motor: all become stand-ins for the physical and temporal aspects of work. In many ways, A Durable Object is a followup to Towards and The Fallsapproaching work from a durational aspect.

084: Towards

Towards, is to be listened to while at work – doing tasks that you may not want to do, or monotonous tasks you like. I would suggest gardening, raking leaves, doing dishes, cleaning the house, watching tv or balancing a budget.

Featuring binaural recordings of walking (in the woods, in a park, and on the train) alongside highly processed versions Chopin’s Nocturnes that have been stretched, collapsed and aggressively gated and EQ’d. The recording is just over 2 hours and 16 minutes in length.

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083: A plot pickle or looking for a way out of the trouble we’re in

This week on the stopGOstop podcast… A plot pickle or looking for a way out of the trouble we’re in, an audio collage of a 1990 speech concerning the emerging field of climate change by Carl Sagan and the made for cable movie Deceptions (1990), accompanied by synthesizer and digital signal processing.

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082: We will no not what will succeed

This week on the stopGOstop podcast… We will no not what will succeed, an audio collage of a 1988 interview with Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking and Arthur C. Clark, along side the 2017 media availability of Bill Belichick, accompanied by synthesizer.


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081: Soft Bodies

This week on the program… there are problems that we can foresee, those that we can prepare for, those that we can dodge, those we can predict… there are others that we cause ourselves, these, the self-inflected are often the hardest.

stopGOstop presents Soft Bodies, an audio collage about war, misfortune and disaster, mostly man-made. Featuring recording about the Challenger Disaster, the Dust Bowl, shipwrecks, resent and historic  environmental collapse and of course atomic power.

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080: Leviathan of Imagination

This week on the podcast, the exciting conclusion of special three part miniseries event, Leviathan. Part three…of Imagination, listens to Pirates! Whales! Secret Government Technology! Eldorado! Hobbes! Sound Collage! and Much! Much! More!

079: Leviathan of Sense

stopGOstop is proud to present the second installment of a special three part miniseries event, Leviathan.

Part two, …of Sense, listens to World War III, the fundamental structure of natural law and Fargo, the whale dung sniffing dog, alongside field recordings, synthesizers and electroacoustic collage.

And don’t forget to stop back next week for the the exciting conclusion, …of  Imagination, listens to Pirates! Secret Government Technology! Hobbes! Mars! and Much Much More!

078: Leviathan of Man

For the next three weeks stopGOstop is proud to present a special three part miniseries event, Leviathan.

Part one, …of Man, listens to the preparations for war, whale hunting, Pirates! and the fear of a secret government, alongside field recordings, synthesizers and electroacoustic collage.

‘Tune in’ next week for part two, …of Sense, and in two weeks for the the exciting conclusion, …of ImaginationPirates! Secret Government Technology! Hobbes! and Much Much More!