stopGOstop, explores the idea that sound recordings can act as sediment– as an accumulation of recorded cultural material– distributed via rss feed, and listened to on headphones. Each episode is a new sonic layer, field recordings, plunderphonics, electroacoustic, all composed together in one episode, or presented individually as striations.

The main stratification are sound collages, field recordings, rebroadcasts and new compositions. The sound collage juxtapose two or three ideas, and are not on a focused theme, but are usually influenced by sci-fi, the environment and leftist politics. The field recordings episodes are a combination of binaural recordings and more traditional stereo recordings. Many of the rebroadcasts are from the Blind Spot radio program. Blind Spot was founded in 2003 by Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel. In its two-year run on WLUW 88.7 Chicago (2004 – 2006), Blind Spot did distribute may of the episodes as a podcasts, but no one really listened to podcasts then, so they are being re-released on stopGOstop in hopes of reintroducing the work to a wider audience. Lastly, the new compositions for headphones are mostly stripped down electroacoustic manipulations paired with field recordings.

stopGOstop is produced by John Wanzel.

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stopGOstop, a brief history:
Since 1999, stopGOstop has been a portal/gateway website for a few writers, artists, and cultural workers (linked below). As of November 2012, the front page has been re-purposed for the distribution of audio.