093: Field Notes

A collage of binaural and stereo field recordings: a walk near my house in Mount Vernon, NY; a recording from my backyard as I trim a few trees; a recording alongside the a man-made lake near Highway 44 in suburban St. Louis; a recording of a walk back to work after lunch; among others. The tones are made through using a tone gate on the recordings, so when the wind creates a bit of mic noise, it is joined by tones and cords.

stopGOstop is produced by John Wanzel.

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Episode 068: Reading, walking, pizza/EDM, walking
A binaural field recording in Amsterdam… the recording begins sitting in a plaza near the Athenaeum book store reading Children of Time, a fantastic evolutionary scifi book I purchased earlier that day. I then walked for a while until eventually I got hungry and I ordered a slice of New York Style Pizza… I ate the slice to EDM. The remainder of the recording is of wandering my way back the plaza near the bookstore. 

Episode 048: From Rocks to Sea
A new composition for headphones. featuring hitting ringing rocks, a bicycle, walking around a carnival, a bowed string, sitting on a plane, riding the 1 train, and walking on a beach.

Episode 012: Central Park, Snow
A binaural field recording of walking in Central Park after a snow storm. I start at the edge of the park, so there is some traffic noise. Once I enter the park there are horses, families playing, people talking and eventually me walking in Strawberry Fields covered in 8 inches of snow. It was a windy day, so there is some wind noise.