086: T.M.O.

The episode begins with low-slow-open synth sounds that form a disjointed, yet repetitive theme. Sonically the first section features two synths, both rich in delay and field manipulation. The second section expands on the themes, slowly at first, then accelerated, repeating with slight variations. It’s voiced by midi piano with a modest amount of synth within the reverberations. The third section partially incorporates these two modes, jumping from the singsong-wide synth sounds, to the rhythmic rolling piano pattern, beeping and repeating high notes, and ending with slow somber tones.

I have been thinking of the first section as morning lauds: a cup of coffee, a run in the park, a walk to the train, or any momentary reflection before the workday. The second section takes its pace and interruptions from repetitive tasks, sometimes sounding like a dance, or at other times, a chaotic ball rolling down a hill. The third part, is a uneven combination of the first two, the bit of work that stays in your head all the way until you fall asleep.

T.M.O. is a direct follow up to episode 85, A Durable Object. The conclusion of this trilogy, Rosco White with a Half-Wax Blend, will be released as episode 86 of the podcast.