035: from rock to sea

20150513_113809 from rocks to sea – a new composition for headphones. featuring hitting ringing rocks, a bicycle, walking around a carnival, a bowed string, sitting on a plane, riding the 1 train, and walking on a beach. about 48 minutes. jw

034: new years eve london walk

20150102_112545a binaural recording of eating a quick breakfast at the hotel and then a walk around london, new years eve 2014. about 55 minutes. JW

031: Boulder Walk

2012-12-17_20-08-44_11a binaural field recording, walking around south Boulder, CO. about 20 minutes . JW

030: Ringing Rock State Park

IMG_3375 a binaural field recording, walking around hitting rocks with a hammer. Ringing Rocks State Park, PA. about 20 minutes. JW

029: September 11: A Musical

20141029_155324The third in the ad hoc War Trilogy, September 11: A Musical first aired on the blind spot radio program in 2005. A historical experimental musical drama that portrays a twelve hour period from September 11, 2001 (in both Chicago and the East Coast). Featuring the talents of Jenny Walters, Eric Humphrey, Julia Klein, Sonia Yoon, Jacob Christopher, Michelle Dahlenburg and Philip von Zweck. Written, composed and produced by John Wanzel.


027: DDAY60

20141029_155324The beach, bombs, parachutes, gunfire and a song. The 24 hours of the d-day invasion has been compressed into one.

The second in the ad hoc War Trilogy- DDAY60 first aired on The 60th anniversary of the D-Day invasion (June 2004) as part of the blind spot radio program. Featuring the voices of John Wanzel and Brian Taylor with Peter Rosenbloom on cello and Jacob Christopher on Computer, engineered by Philip von Zweck, written, composed and produced by John Wanzel. about 60 minutes