040: How to Kill a Yeti (part 1)


This week on the program- writers block, excel, and drawing a link between Atari and using drones in battle – a fictional conversation entitled How to Kill a Yeti. Featuring field recordings, singing, digital signal processing and the voice talents of Brian Taylor and John Wanzel, it was written and produced by John Wanzel.

039: I had an epiphany…


This week on the program – listening to how we represent ourselves while thinking of openness – vlogs, opensource, and, your personal brand, an audio collage entitled I had an epiphany on the first page or sharing with your friends even if you don’t know who they are.

If you want to hear the full interviews and more please visit the footnotes.

038: I don’t know if there’s an answer to this


A trip to the moon, a march in the field, and the social and political power of empathy- an audio collage entitled I don’t know if there’s an answer to this.

Interviews and book reports along side marching bands and digital signal processing.

037: It’s been known


It’s Been Known – an audio collage concerning magic, fantasy football, myth and noam chomsky.

036: What is Keeping You Awake Right Now


What is keeping you awake right now – an audio collage about oil, capitalism, the environment and learning how to paint. if you want to hear the full interviews and more please visit the footnotes

035: From Rock to Sea


from rocks to sea – a new composition for headphones. featuring hitting ringing rocks, a bicycle, walking around a carnival, a bowed string, sitting on a plane, riding the 1 train, and walking on a beach. about 48 minutes. jw

034: New Years Eve London Walk


A binaural recording of eating a quick breakfast at the hotel and then a walk around London, new years eve 2014. about 55 minutes. JW

033: Shopping at a Hardware Store


A binaural field recording of shopping at a hardware store in New Rochelle. We recently moved to Mount Vernon, and I needed a few things for the house. I was surprised they played country music, its only a couple miles north of the Bronx, not what you would call the ‘country.’ This episode is about 25 minutes.