052: Flute Oscillator

Episode 52 of the podcast is a composition of speed/tone/EQ manipulations of flute recordings from YouTube.

051: Twilight of the Idols

On January 15, 2006, the Blind Spot radio program aired Twilight of the Idols, an experimental narrative that revolved around the CIA, the end of the world, Miami Vice fan-fiction, Nietzsche and Kelly Clarkson.

Featuring the voice talents of Anna Clark, Eric S. Humphrey, Peter Rosenbloom, and John Wanzel, engineered by Philip von Zweck, produced and written by Peter Rosenbloom and John Wanzel.

Blind Spot was founded in 2003 by Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel. In its two-year run on WLUW 88.7 Chicago, Blind Spot produced over 90 episodes of live experimental radio. The website for the program is old, incomplete and outdated. I am repackaging a few radio works from the 2000’s and re-releasing them on the podcast in hopes of reintroducing the work to a wider audience.

050: Wilson Park


A waterfall, a highway — episode 50 of the podcast features noises of nature and car culture.

049: Backyard in February

Episode 49 of the podcast – a stereo recording of our backyard. Featuring several birds, the neighbor’s dog, the ever-present sounds of trains, planes and/or automobiles, beeping (why is there so much beeping), a light wind and a plumber bring a 100 foot snake into the basement to unclog our sewer pipe with noises of unclogging. The recording was made near one deciduous tree, and three evergreen trees, two living, one x-mas, next to the fence pictured above (a side note, our backyard is only about 400 square feet, so the placement was mostly to keep the mic away from the wind).

048: Trombone Oscillator

Episode 48 of the podcast is a composition of speed/tone manipulations of trombone recordings from YouTube (for Valentine’s day).

047: A Walk to the Library


A binaural recording of a walk from our house to the Mount Vernon Public Library. The library was a gift to the city from Andrew Carnegie and opened in 1904. It is located in downtown Mount Vernon, across from the Post Office and up the hill from the Mount Vernon East Metro North Station. I returned the second book in Rachel Bach’s Paradox trilogy, Honor’s Knight, and picked up Jonathan Franzen’s new book Purity. Space Opera for Literary Soap Opera. There is a little feedback in the recording from the headphones that are built into the binaural mics. It happens sometimes when the wind blows…

046: Cooking Pasta

Episode 46 of the podcast- cooking a quick meal. It consisted of prepackaged ravioli, asparagus, red pepper, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. You will also hear the sound of a beer being opened about halfway through cooking. It is a stereo recording.

045: Night of 3000 Balloons


On January 9, 2005, the blind spot radio program filled the on-air studio with as many balloons as Eric, Jake and I could blow up (which happened to be 1,190) and then entered the room and popped them one at a time with a needle taped to a stick.

Conceived by Eric Humphrey and John Wanzel. Performed by Jake Quickel and Eric Humphrey, engineered and produced by John Wanzel.

This is the first time the complete recording of the program is available. I had hoped to fill the studio with 3,000 balloons, but my budget and the 2 hours we had to blow them up were the limiting factors.

I am repackaging a few radio works from the 2000’s and re-releasing them on the podcast.