095: Trusting wholly to the loadstone

Episode 95 takes the speech and rhythmic patterns of episode 94, Arcadia, and uses it as data points, as signal to create voltage envelopes, as a way to create patterns and tones. The title is extracted from Thomas Moore’s Utopia, I have pasted a longer passage below.

They sailed before with great caution, and only in summer time; but now they count all seasons alike, trusting wholly to the loadstone, in which they are, perhaps, more secure than safe; so that there is reason to fear that this discovery, which was thought would prove so much to their advantage, may, by their imprudence, become an occasion of much mischief to them.  But it were too long to dwell on all that he told us he had observed in every place, it would be too great a digression from our present purpose: whatever is necessary to be told concerning those wise and prudent institutions which he observed among civilised nations, may perhaps be related by us on a more proper occasion.  We asked him many questions concerning all these things, to which he answered very willingly; we made no inquiries after monsters, than which nothing is more common; for everywhere one may hear of ravenous dogs and wolves, and cruel men-eaters, but it is not so easy to find states that are well and wisely governed.

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094: Arcadia

A sound collage featuring Space 1999, Vice President Wallace, Triangles, Gravity, and Bayes Rule alongside field recordings and digital signal manipulation.

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093: Field Notes

A collage of binaural and stereo field recordings: a walk near my house in Mount Vernon, NY; a recording from my backyard as I trim a few trees; a recording alongside the a man-made lake near Highway 44 in suburban St. Louis; a recording of a walk back to work after lunch; among others. The tones are made through using a tone gate on the recordings, so when the wind creates a bit of mic noise, it is joined by tones and cords.

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092: Unbalanced Force

This week on the program… stopGOstop presents Unbalanced Force, the second of a series of related episodes about the Moon. Featuring recording about- rotation in space, the circle of fifths, Pythagoras, the speed of the earth through the universe, the moon as a malfunctioning sun and much more. Continue reading

091: Semi-Western Grip

This week on the program… stopGOstop presents Semi-Western Grip, an audio collage about the truth and consequences of a moving frame of reference. This is the first of a pair of related podcasts about the Moon. Featuring recording about the moon, motorhomes, time and space, Australia, field recordings, tennis lessons, and so much more!  Continue reading

090: This is the story of how one species changed a planet

Part two of the mini-series collages the plight of humanity during end times capitalism through lectures, industry videos, and a sci-fi movie along with field recordings and digital signal processing.  For further info please check out the footnotes.


089: The hope that this would set them free

Part one of the EndTimesCapitalism mini-series collages the eschatology of technology — Artificial Intelligence, the Big Bang, consequences of capitalism, and the sci-fi classic Dune alongside field recordings and digital signal processing. For further info please check out the footnotes

088: Finish line

An eleven minute binaural recording from the finish line of the Sleepy Hallow Halloween 10k (pumpkin carved by my wife).