Upcoming performances/ guests:


Dec 10, 2006

Death Factory

Dec 3, 2006


Nov. 26, 2006

The Fortieth Day

(Isidro and Mark from Bloodyminded! with P. NG5361 from Sshe Retina Stimulants)


Nov 12:



Oct 15, 2006:

D. Edward Davis


Aug 13, 2006:

Yuko Nexus 6




Dec 4:

Work from the Outer Ear Festival of Sound


Nov 27:

Number None


Nov 20:

John Kannenberg


Nov 13:

Television Power Electric (Todd Carter, Jim Baker, Michael Hartman, Boris Hauf)


Nov 6:

Josh Manchester


Sept 11:

de Finestra


June 3:

D. Edward Davis



August 1:




June 27:

Civil War


May 30:

unemployment line (Jason Soliday, Brent Gutzeit and friends)


April 18:

Dave Rampus


April 11:

Nick Sondy


March 14:



February 29:

Jason Talbot



February 22:

Robb Drinkwater and Justin Rounds



Tiny Hairs


June 8:

Neil Jendon, Eric Leonardson and Jason Soliday


June 1:

Jonathen Chen & Peter Rosenbloom


May 4:

Every 4

a four hour radio work by John Wanzel, Eric Humphrey, Mike Wolf and Philip von Zweck


March 9:

Peter Rosenbloom


March 2:

Eric Leonardson


February 23:

EKG (Ernst Karel and Kyle Bruckmann)


February 16:

Vertonen (Blake Edwards)

Couerl (Jason Soliday)



December 1:

Collections of Colonies of Bees


November 3- 17:

Outer Ear Festival of Sound


October 27:


a four hour radio work produced and directed by Philip von Zweck

written by Dan Gleason, Eric Humphrey, Philip von Zweck & John Wanzel


October 20:

Nick Sondy


October 13:

Adam Sonderberg


October 6:

John Kannenberg solo and in duet with Philip von Zweck


September 29:

1 2 3 4


September 22:

Michael Hartman


the month of July:

midnight to 12:30 Protect/Promise a 4 part serial radio play by John Wanzel


July 7, 2002: Bran (another plight of medics)...Pos