Something Else is a submission only program.

I try to present the work the way it is ment to be presented, that means I don't talk over it, I don't even cross fade between them. Works over 70 miutes will need to be paused for station id purposes. Something Else only broadcasts excerpts of works over 3 hours long.

Something Else hosts live performances, almost every week. If you are interesed in performing live on Something Else please submit material and send an e-mail with the date you would like to perform and your tech needs.

In addition Something Else works with the Outer Ear Festival of Sound, Lampo and Deadtech Gallery. Something Else has also worked with 1926 Exhibition Studies Space (RIP), NAME Gallery(RIP), Transmission Festival (RIP) and the Pond (RIP). Something Else is often able to help set up performances in Chicago.


If you would like to have your work broadcast on Something Else, please submit it. below are some simple guildlines:

1) media in order of prefence: cd(r), vinyl (33 or 45), minidisk, dat, last and least cassette [if you can send it on any other media than cassette please do. if you can't then please include track lengths and place only one piece per side.] I can't accept MP3's sorry.

2) You know the words that can't be said on the radio, don't you? if not check out the FCC

3) When possible include program notes.

4) Please mail works to:

Something Else

PO Box 667

Chicago IL 60690-0667


4) I make an attept to send everyone a confirmation e-mail. Sometimes this doesn't happen. If you are afraid something wasn't recieved please feel free to e-mail.

please e-mail with any questions not covered here: pvonzweck at yahoo dot com


Some General infomration about Something Else.

I began producing the program in the fall of 1995. The name is a double homage to a radio program that was produced by my good friend Alex V. Cook on KLSU (Baton Rouge) in the early 90's, and also to Something Else Press, an artist book press tun by Dick Higgins from the mid 60's to the mid 70's. Shortly before the start of the program, and not long before Dick's death, Alex and I had a chance to spend time with him, going through Something Else Press and related books in the Joan Flash Artist book collection at the School of the Art Inst of Chicago.

Many people are owed a great deal of thanks including but not limitd to: Lou Mallozzi, director of Experimental Sound Studio, Craig Kois, Director of WLUW, Tim Johnston, former co-host and John Wanzel - artist and man behind and Mike Hartman, John Wanzel, John Kannenberg and Bob Falesch who all fill in when I can't make it.