FAST TRACK: RACEDAY 2003 -------- john wanzel, pinewood derby chairman
more info about the event and gallery show to follow, this is all there is for now.

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FAST TRACK: RACEDAY 2003 is showing at1/quarterly space 12/6/03 - 01/17/04
1355 N. Milwaukee Ave, chicago, IL saturdays or by appointment

photos by shaina boone

12/06/03 1/quarterly space, chicago, il

the cars in the pit area before the race

racers readying their cars

philip von zweck needles john before race

the end of the track

overhead shot of the finish line

start line judge ann oberschulte

finish line judge brain taylor

the middle of the track

finish line judge mike wolf

starting line offical eric ravenstien at left

side view of the track

nathan waitning, listening and looking

quahnah readying his car

the big board, tracking the racers

heather mekkelson inputs the racing data

eric, jeff and dan root for their cars

finish line, awaiting race cars

the crowd watches a heated race

waiting for mican to put her car on the track

charlene epple's car finishing a race

christine haynes' finishing a race

jesse wyss is ready to race

jesse and kent bell watch their cars finish

it was a close one ladies and gentlemen

huong ngo finishes the race

confusion at raceday

a close finish

mican morgan's car finishing the race

noah singer getting ready to race

racing in action

on lookers watching the raceday

john wanzel, a bit confused

racers to the pit area

the finish line is ready

charlene and nathan talk stratagy

racers ready, let's race!

it can't get any closer

awaiting results

the excitment is too much for brian and jenny

wow that was a close one

quahnah and phung suffer a defeat
a special thanks to NCAAV for the use of their projectors for the evening

first place: geoffery smalley and lisa boumstien-smalley

second place: deb sokolow, ssshhh the squirrel is sleeping

third place: mike wolf and his av powered car of speed

fourth place: zachary harper and his car made out of little car kits