Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
October 2007

The goal was to view the museum as not just as a site for an exhibition but as a resource, why would one do a show at the MCA, what did the MCA have to offer that another space didn't? I focused on their mailing list as a way to both do a show in the space and move it beyond the gallery, as a chain letter it would self propagate so the project would exist even after the show closed. While most chain letters use schemes or threats, I didn't feel comfortable putting that message into the world, so mine promised that you were loved and that something great was going to happen.

I wanted people to decide to participate or not based on their response to the letter not because they thought it was "art" so the intentionally degraded copies of the letter were mailed out anonymously weeks in advance of the show. The show contained the original hand drawn version of the letter, a table with a stack of sealed envelopes containing more copies of the letter, a mailbox and instructions for mailing out copies, the furniture and frames were roughly made, but made by me, by hand, to work with the deteriorated aesthetic of the latter.