Philip von Zweck
October 26 - November 24, 2012

65GRAND is pleased to present Philip von Zweck in his second solo exhibition with the gallery. Since the 1990's von Zweck has gained recognition for his conceptual gestures that can always in some way be considered in relation to the conditions of network. von Zweck plays off of the highly coded conditions of the contemporary art world with a frequent attempt to move the discourse out of the insular system and into culture at large. The result being a diverse body of work ranging from experimental radio broadcasts to paintings, to participatory works informed by the strategies of post-conceptual art.

The works included in this exhibition stand as discrete pieces of art, but also bear the traces of von Zweck's collaborations, relationships and connections with artists and other cultural producers that brought them about. The pieces vary greatly, from a newsprint catalog designed by John Kannenberg with essays by Anika Marie and Brian Taylor, to an intervention involving the architecture of the building where the gallery is located. From a painting executed by von Zweck to a cardboard box used as target practice by a group of artists.

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the old video store sign  on the front of 65GRAND

the sign installed in the gallery  

detail of the sign  


target and painting  

untitled painting  

fake von Zweck  (for Rosemary and Eddie)