Medicine Cabinet presents Philip von Zweck's medicine cabinet

Medicine Cabinet was an exhibition space literally in a medicine cabinet in the apartment that housed the gallery Second Bedroom. While viewing shows at Second Bedroom and Medicine Cabinet gallery goers were free to roam around the whole of the apartment, there was very little restricted private space. When I ran VONZWECK I made a point to keep people out of my private space, gallery goers didn't have access to my dining room or my kitchen, etc. The only exception was my bathroom so the only part of my private life that were accessible to gallery goers was my medicine cabinet. When I was invited to do a show at Medicine Cabinet I suggested that instead of doing something in their cabinet I transplant mine as a way of connecting these to space and perhaps as a sort of self portraiture. My medicine cabinet with all of its (unedited) contents was installed at Medicine Cabinet for about 5 weeks.

in situ  

meadince cabinet in its normal home  

bathroom sans medicine cabinet