Artists each submitted 100 pages which were in turn collated and bound into 100 copies. Two copies of each book will be returned to each artist. The remaining copies are sold to cover the project expenses.

Two Volumes

Volume 1, Green Cover (1996):
Academy Records, The BenGala, Mark Booth, Jeremy Boyle, Vince Como, David Coyle/John Photos, Jeff DeGolier, Chris Deris, Jason Dunda, Katy Fischer, Marc Fischer, Ben Foch, Andy Hall, Natalie Jacobson, Brian Kapernekas, Kelly Kaczynski, John Kannenberg, Teena Jelene McClelland, Shona Macdonald, Heather Mekkelson, Melissa Oresky, Caroline Picard, Frank Pollard, steve roden, Amanda Ross-Ho, Rebecca Rothfus, Deb Sokolow, Deborah Stratman, Brian Taylor, Siebren Versteeg, Michael Wolf.

Volume 2, Blue Cover (1998)
John Arndt, Eric Lebofsky, LeRoy Stevens, The Mt. Baldy Expedition, Dutes Miller & Stan Shellabarger, Kevin Jennings, Karen Reimer, Mican Morgan, Dan Anhorn, Christian Kuras and Duncan Mackenzie, Jacob Christopher, William Staples, Andy Moore, Tyler Britt, Lisa Cacciopoli, John Wanzel, Peter F. A. N. Redgrave, Jacqueline Terrassa, Paul Nudd, Andreas Fischer, Terence Hannum, Joe Hardesty, Carrie Gundersdorf, Richard Holland, and Anthony Elms

available from Western Exhibitions