Blind Spot Radio Art Collective

Blind Spot takes inspiration from the radio theater of the 30's and 40's but moves beyond traditional forms of radio. Blind Spot's live broadcasts utilize a diverse range of styles, themes, strategies and subject matters. Every week Blind APO explores the potential of radio as a space for artistic practice.

Blind Spot is an organization comprised of creative individuals from diverse background who have come together to make original live unconventional radio broadcasts.

Blind Spot is a weekly experiment in radio, not a program of experimental work, but an experiment in its own right. Blind Spot sees radio as space for art beyond merely a distribution network. All of the work on Blind Spot is made by Blind Spot for broadcast on Blind Spot, with themes, strategies, subject matters and styles shifting drastically from week to week.

Blind Spot was founded by John Wanzel and Philip von Zweck in 2003 and went to air in the summer of 2004. Blind Spot is not a program for the broadcast or distribution of prerecorded material, but committed to creating and broadcasting work live to air each week.