Eternal 2014

The Storefront
2606 N. California
Chicago, IL

January 25- February 22, 2014

Mail Art, the practice of artists making work for the express purpose of mailing it to, exchanging it with another artist, has- due to its very nature- done a good job of avoiding an over arching historization. Sometimes referred to as the Eternal Network, as a practice mail art has existed since the 50’s, or maybe before and while participants have come and gone, it has never stopped. Some artists and their collections have become known and even- heaven forbid- embraced by institutions, the practice as a whole, the essence behind mail art is impossible to contain.

Understanding mail art as a progenitor of issues such as networks, social practice, resistance to the market and participation being addressed in so much contemporary work, Eternal 2014 presents a survey of mail artists working today. In keeping with mail art ethos all of the works were solicited through an open call, all works received will be exhibited and documentation will be given to all participating artists.
Participating artists include:

The documentation, in the form of a catalog with essays by mail artist Josh Ronson and gallerist Benjamin Tischer with an introduction by artist Philip von Zweck will be available for purchase.