Vomitorium with AgitProp

at 40000 in Chicago Thanksgiving Weekend 2006.

Didn't Ad Reinhardt say that if his paintings were understood capitalism would fall?

artists included: artLedge (Chicago), Bengala (New York), Tyler Britt & LeRoy Stevens (Chicago), Dana Deguilio (Chicago), Andy Moore (Chicago), Andy Young (Chicago), Joe Hardesty (Chicago), Teena McClelland (Chicago), Heather Mekkelson (Chicago), Brian Taylor (Chicago), Molly Zuckerman (Chicago), Rich Mansfield (South Bend), Dutes Miller (Chicago), Paul Nudd (Chicago), Jacob Christopher (Chicago), Caroline Picard (Chicago), and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock (Japan)







Bike pump powered beer bong by Britt & Stevens




ArtLegde's Whiskey Fountain in use.


40000 owner Britton Bertran