Imagine the time in your life when you were most depressed
Affairs, Liasons, Conjunctions, Contacts...

Sinuous Condition  A blog to record and communicate my whereabouts and subsequent encounters--decorated with my political, aesthetic, and spiritual preoccupations.
We Are All Beginners Here! 
An exhibition at Roots and Culture, openning August 7th, 2010. There will be books, plants, food, music, art created by a talented lot.
Three Part Path: a brief guide to making a pilgrimage for the purpose of reforming your relationship to the landscape   AREA Chicago number 9 is amazing!
Relationships to the Landscape: from intimate places to geological timescales  A YouTube video essay for Red76's You Tube School for Social Politics.
Compass working in the Midwest Radical Culture Corridore  or the Radical Midwest Culture Corridor, or Midwest Corridor of Radical Culture, or Corridor for Radical Culture in the Midwest...
Songs of Returning, Both Silent and Aloud (The Domestic Struggle Part Threee)   Late Summer, 2008.  Concurrent with the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, and exhibition asking the question, how do we touch the land and how does it touch us?
Call to Farms Book documenting a continental drift, an autodidactic seminar traveling through Illinois and Wisconsin.
The Domestic Struggle Part Two: eking out grassy Midwestern social fabrics and prairie land continuities Spring through Fall, 2007, The Domestic Struggle Part Two, a series of travels, social events and an exhibition intended to draw links with, and speculate about, remote enclaves, marginal and alternative domesticities, caravans, refugia, retreats, marginal travel infrastructures, rural cultural networks, rarefied spaces, and hopeful place making.
Mess Hall is an experimental cultural space in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood.
Can Experimental Cultural Centers Replace MFA Programs? An article about my experience working with Mess Hall in AREA Magazine
The Domestic Struggle Part One  February, 2007 a project at a VONZWECK, an apartment gallery in my friend Philip Von Zweck's Living Room, in Chicago's Humboldt Park Neighborhood. page under construction...
Virgin Migrations  Here we have a sprawling text about the history of me and the history of Chicago. I made the text into a booklet for a group exhibition curated by Annie Morse called "State and Lake" that was at the Gescheidle Gallery in Chicago. In addition to distributing the booklets at the gallery I left several of them out in public for people to find. I also have a few left, email me if you want me to send you one. Click to see more about the gallery installation. But more importantly, you might like to read the text
Flash Crystallization
Brett Bloom and Bonnie Fortune, or Let's Remake, invited people to design posters for a show at YNKB in Denmark, the Radiantly Optimistic Poster Show.
The Crystal Ship  A walk across southern Minnesota.
Free Walking  Cultural walking projects in collaboration with Bonnie Fortune. temporarily invisible...
NCAAV  The network of casual art's audiovisual dept. is a small pool of A.V. equipment reserved for the free use by independent cultural workers, activists, artists, groups, and initiatives.
Avian Invaders  In collaboration with POST Chicago, the NCA designed and distributed a poster about the avian life of Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood, where I lived from 2000 to 2007.
Meeting  Humboldt Park neighborhood video.
Campbell and Lemoyne  Another HP neighborhood video.
67 of Brian Taylor's Snapshots  A selection of Brian's snap shots compiled for the 2004 NFO EXPO, a networking fair for radical culture.
Under the Lions A project for the workplace.
Bloody Tool Grant  Divesting Privilege. In Summers past the NCA gave a pittance to support the efforts of independent cultural workers. The Bloody Tool Grant is currently dormant.
Michael's Swan Song  A melodramatic account of my friendster experience, will make little sense to people not familiar with friendster
Sky Above the Clouds  What does abstract painting have to do with anything?
Transcribe Transcribe  Healthy culture circulates best when we copy and plagiarize and pirate texts and information.
What is 602P?
thinking about email hoaxes
Pleased Not To Have Read
technology, anger, and the morning commute.
mike wolf
email: mistywoof - at good old - gmail dot com

Nest near Prairie Island
Power lines near Prairie Island.

Alliances, Kinships, Affections, Parallellls...

Where the Waters Gather Paul Durand, self-taught Native American Scholar.
Red76 Collaborate, celebrate, make places for learning.
Roots and Culture home-base-camp, cultural nexus, emerging gastronomical hub
Proposition Press The life and work of Dan S. Wang.
A.R.E.A. Art, Research, Education, Activism Chicago and perhaps the greater Midwest?
Hook Pottery and Paper Andrea, Jon, Lu, and Ry live with the land not on it, and so can you.
Temporary Services When three or more become one cultural revolution.
Let's Re-Make! Brett and Bonnie encourage us to take over together.
Tamms Year Ten Prison reform now! Legislative art is real!
Free Store Make your own damn free store!
Ready Subjects Listen to Sarah Kanouse.
Take Down the Fort! A powerful, elegant first step in the right direction.
Bonnie Fortune Git with the Getalong.
Walking in Place The projects of Nick Brown and Sarah Kanouse
Brian Holmes Drifty insurgent theory and speech.
Public Collectors Mutual museums.
HolloHulo/OptionalEvents Salem invites you to take your pick.
Iraq Veterans Against the War I think it's safe to say they're not just against the war in Iraq.
Aaron Hughes Activism and art are one-in-the-same here.
Art of This Artists run Minneapolis.
Henry's Farm Perhaps the hardest workin' farm family in the Midwest.
Salvation Jane Your future is in your body.
Dakota Commemorative March Reclaiming memory and landscape for the Dakota.
Antigravity Surprise Chicago-based democratic art collaborative.
Daniel Tucker Defining a cultural work ethic in action.
Michael Rakowitz Cooking with the enemy.
Dhamma Pakasa Vipassana meditation has done me some good.
Dreamtime Village Fecund, turbid, cultural backwaters.
Xexoxial Endarchy Books to alter and confound.
Feel Tank Fleshing out the preposterous notion that politics is emotional.
West Bank Social Center Experimental cultural space in Minneapolis.
ARP! Minneapolis-based cultural rag
Green Lantern Books and maybe other wonderful things.
subRosa Cyberfeminism!
Refugia More Cyberfeminism!
Cake and Polka Parade And just what am I to do with this?
Basekamp Philly done good.
In the Field Ava and Brett made this stuff.
Ausgang Be a ausgangster.
Dan Gleason This mother fucker!
Experimental Station More seeds for our future.
Philip Von Zwecksounds, exhibitions, experiments in events
Claire Pentecost Are you a public amateur? Do you teach public curiosity?
Three Walls Playing it cool, non-profit-style in Chicago.
Critical Art Ensemble Taking technology for what it is.
Autonomedia Books to teach yourself how to dance.
Biggest Fags EverCanadian art in Chicago.
Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
Boggs Center We're the leaders we've been looking for.
Allied Media Conference Seriously, we're the leaders we've been looking for.
Gay Utopia So gay. Late 90's-early 00's Chicago art nostalgia.
The Land Institute Perennial agriculture. Why not make better Spiritual infrastructures?
Grist Green is a just a boring marketing term but this is sometimes interesting.
Nature What is science offering today?
Captain Beefheart Simple deference for the beautifully weird
Carmen Price Mister magical eyes.
Tracky Birthday Looks exciting whatever it is.
Just Seeds Graphics Collective.
Dickshovel Learn this.
Chicago Wilderness Magazine
Pocha This performance stuff is great.
Kathy Leisen More hot shit from Detroit.
National Philistine high/low art.
Democracy Now! The rest is bullshit.
Gandhiserve It would be foolish to forget about Gandhi. has hosted the network of casual art FOR FREE for years and years. thanks john!