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Blind Spot members (in alphabetical order)

Bengala The matrimonial art collective Bengala is composed of B. Tischer and Gala Verdugo. Their photography and writings have appeared in numerous publications (Deliciae Vitae, Honcho, K48, Oui, Parkett) and galleries, as have their video collaborations and multi-media work. Previously Bengala worked in performance art, performing at venues such as P.S.1, The Walker, Gavin Brown Enterprises, etc. They have worked with the likes of FISCHERSPOONER, Christian Holstad and Gelatin. Ongoing projects include a muse project and video series, plus Reichian installations and craftwork with Ramona Banzaca.

Jacob Christopher is a artist working in sound and video. Graduating from SAIC in 2004, he is pursues experimental sound and video manipulations in alternative formats, live performance, and independent film/video productions.

Paul Dickinson is a Chicago based artist, educator, and media janitor. He received his MFA in 1999 from the University of Illinois-Chicago. His work has been presented in both solo and group exhibitions at the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), Artists Space (NYC) and Konstakuten (Stockholm), as well as many other venues locally and internationally. His curatorial projects include "Put Down Your Pencil", at Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center in Buffalo, NY (1990). He has worked as a sound designer and composer on independent feature films and experimental film and video projects. His screen credits include "Beyond Voluntary Control" (Cathy Cook, 2001), "Uh-Oh" (1994) and "Let's Play Prisoners" (Julie Zando, 1988), and "Aswang" (Barry Poltermann and Wrye Martin, 1994). He has been a member of the studio ensemble Aqua Velveeta since 1984. Mr. Dickinson has received awards and fellowships from the Illinois Arts Council, Artadia/The Art Council, and Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester NY).

Richard Holland is a sculptor, sound wrangler, teacher, and lawyer. He is a 2003 JD/MA/MFA graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He has shown extensively around the US and less extensively abroad. His forthcoming projects include an installation at the Sioux City Art Center in May, and solo installations at Deadtech in September and the Hyde Park Art Center in November.

Eric Humphrey has been busy lately working to organize his bald brothers into a political action committee to lobby Congress to add Bald-Centric provisions in the tax code. When not fighting for the rights of The Bald, Eric is a writer and sometime comic who dreams of running the Chicago Marathon while smoking.

Peter Rosenbloom Violinist and Cellist Peter Rosenbloom has been performing in the Chicago area for the last 8 years. His current projects include the subtle improvisations of Tiny Hairs (whose debut CD “Subtle Invisible Bodies” is on the Chicago False Walls label, newly released second CD “Coldless” and releases on the German EN/OF label), the cello, tuba, electronics trio OPF, and solo projects as well. He has performed in venues such as The Hot House, The Empty Bottle, Nervous Center, ERP, WLUW, WNUR, WZRD, & Around the Coyote. His main interests are improvised music, minimalism, contemporary, chamber music and baroque as well. After studying classical music for years he has mainly focused on free and programmed improvisation.

Brian Taylor is an artist living in Chicago. In addition to acting as a producer on Blind Spot, he has exhibited at GardenFresh and The Pond in Chicago, Raid Projects in Los Angeles, and at The School of Art and Design at SUNY Purchase, New York. Since 2001 he has made vocal appearances on several sound projects, some of which were in conjunction with Something Else, on 88.7 FM WLUW.

Philip von Zweck is a Chicago based artist, curator, writer and radio producer. He received his BFA from the SAIC (1995) and his MFA from UIC (2004). Since 1995 he has hosted and produced Something Else, a weekly program of sound art, performance and experimental music on WLUW. His performances have been presented around Chicago, including the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Chicago Cultural Center. His artwork (including sound installations) has been presented frequently in Chicago as well as in group exhibitions and festivals in Canada, the UK, Australia, the EU and India. In 2004 he was Visiting Assistant Professor of Sound/ Radio Art at Brooklyn College, CUNY. He currently teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Northpark University.

Jenny Walters earned her MFA from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2004 with a focus in video and photography. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Galerie André Kermer, Leipzig, Germany, inclusion in EAST International, a juried exhibition curated by Neo Rauch and Gerde Lybke at Norwich Gallery, Norwich, England, and Hot Shots at Jen Bekman Gallery, New York, NY. Upcoming events include a screening at WORM in Rotterdam and exhibiting her collaborative work with Heather Mekkelson at Gallery 40000 (Chicago) in January. She is also a member of the band Oh Charles with fellow blind spotter Sonia Yoon. Walters currently teaches photography at DePaul University.

John Wanzel is Assistant Director of Exhibtions at The School of the Art Institute's Gallery 2. He has been making audio work for radio for the past several years. Locally his work has been featured on Something Else, and at BSD, Dogmatic Gallery, Deadtech, The Stray Show, 1/Quarterly, The Outer Ear Festival of Sound, Temporary Services among others. His audio work has also been presented throughout the United States, as well as Canada and Australia.

Sonia S. Yoon received her MFA from SAIC in 2002 and a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design in 1997. She operates under several monikers within her broad artistic practice producing performances, collaborations, multimedia events and videos. Her work has been presented locally and nationally including the Chicago Cultural Center, The Andy Warhol Museum, and recently for Lucky Pierre. Since 2002, she has provided promotional and networking services to arts affiliates in exchange for resources and services traded through her research enterprise, IDIncorporated. She is a founding member of ThreeWalls, an artist residency program in Chicago. Her newest project is making music with Jenny Walters as the duo, Oh Charles.

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