VONZWECK announces

by Tyler Britt


Tyler is the one in red.


Opening Reception Thursday December 6, 2007
Open Thursdays in December and January
(not open Dec 20 or 27)
Or by appointment








Now, personally I think that is enough, perhaps the best press release ever. But Mr. Britt thinks you should know more about his work and, believe it or not, at VONZWECK the artists always get final edit- so here it is, in his words.

If there is anything I practice more than doubtless pessimism, it is my tendency to be oblique.   Hence, the rhetoric of the show is as follows: two steps forward, one step back.  Or maybe that is one forward, two back.  Either way, I am still calling it good, ethical work. Verging on the thematically corrupt, the items in the show are held together by a whim, a certain casualness.  If anything, they share an inquiry into intersections of culture, forced by the sleight of my hand.  Through collaborating, collecting, and organizing, the work takes as its subject everything from emotions to paychecks, design to Wikipedia.  The result could be a Forbes magazine bound as an academic reader or a collection of earrings in a celestial arrangement.  However, the discussion of this content seems only partially relevant.  The casualness of the work aims to be weary of its own self-worth.  Which is why I take pleasure in the greater function ofthe work, like its ability to hold up the walls, be ignored, or give people something to do on Thursday night.