starburst interlude
New Work by Brian Taylor

Opening reception Thursday April 13, 6-9pm
Open Thursday April 20 and Saturday April 29, 6-9 pm
or by appointment


Brian Taylor is probably best known for his exquisitely crafted sculptures which magically transform common, almost 
[1] materials into subtly sublime representations of the everyday, the under-noticed or the overlooked[2];
from dew drops on a window
[3], to dust piles[4], awnings and satellites[5]. Brian hasn’t disclosed what he
will present in this exhibition, except that it is about that magic
[6] moment of revelation, of transformation[7],
that second when everything changes; and it utilizes video and some yards of corduroy
[8] and maybe some other stuff.
Mr. Taylor spent his youth walking around Detroit[9] in yellow corduroys[10], rocking a white-boy-afro and listening 
to Smashing Pumpkins and Led Zeppelin even though, I think, it being Detroit
[11] he should have been wearing a hoodie,
cut his hair real short and been listening to the Stooges, Destroy All Monsters, or perhaps Eminem
[12]. But he didn’t go to
Cranbrook and from what I gather
[13] that makes all the difference [14].  I’m not sure when or how he discovered art,
but we should be thankful he did, since it brought him to Chicago
[15]. His years of study at SAIC [16] have been
followed by intellectual investigation
[17], brainstorming, wood-shedding, keg-standing[18]  and, of course, tons of
exhibitions in Chicago
[19], around the US[20] [21] [22] and one in Texas[23].  All of this has
left Brian’s work distilled down and aged to the golden clarity, purity, beauty and perfection of say…Bushmill’s
Mmm, yes... Say it with me… Bushmill’s[25]
And like Bushmill’s[26], Brian’s work can be sipped or slammed, neat or on-the-rocks and while it goes down smooth it will 
creep up on you, leave you with a hangover, but keep you coming back for more.

[1] My word, not his.
[2] Again, my words, not his.
[3] Hot glue.
[4] Rubber bands.
[5] Cardboard and balsa.
[6] Hmm…probably shouldn’t have used “magic” twice in one paragraph…
[7] Which is why I’m assuming his lips are sealed about the show- so as not to preemptively reveal the revelation… or something like that.
[8] Yellow, I’m hoping.
[9] “Rock City"
[10] Nice call-back, don’t you think?  I’m like the Jeffrey Archer of the Press Release.
[11] “Rock City”
[12] Who are all from Detroit, as were the MC5, which stands for the “Motor City Five”. I guess the above footnotes could also have said  “Motor City”, oops.
[13] See 8 Mile its where all of my info on Detroit comes from, plus it’s pretty good, esp the freestyle battle at the end. The DVD has bonus footage of Eminem in some battles, check it out.
[14] In the spirit of full disclosure I didn’t listen to any of those bands in High school either, but I think I’m older than Eminem so that would have been some sort of a miracle. Plus I’m not from Detroit.
[15] “The Big Onion”
[16] OK, I think it was just 4 years. I’m pretty sure he graduated in 1999, and was mostly in the Printmaking Dept, which is probably why he is chiefly known as a sculptor.
[17] See Prometheus.
[18] Though I am happy to report I have never seen it myself, for some reason I know that when Brian ends up drunk he is fond of making Mac and Cheese while naked.
[19] Including The Pond, 7/3 Spilt, Garden Fresh, Joymore, Evanston Art Center, Gallery 312, Gallery 2 and probably some I can’t remember.
[20] Such as Raid Projects in L.A. and the gallery of one of those SUNY schools, plus I think something in Philadelphia.
[21] Along the way being named one of the “Artists Changing Art in Chicago” or something, by the New City.
[22] No, I don’t know when Brian was crowned one of the “Artists Changing Art in Chicago”, or whatever.  If Brian had sent me his CV it would have helped a lot.
[23] Can’t we all just pretend that we’ve kicked Texas out of the country, I mean, just until we really do kick them out… er… I mean “set them free”?
[24] Which is an Irish Whiskey Brian introduced me to, he says it’s the Protestant Whiskey and Jameson is the Catholic one, and while it is a blend, its still good stuff.
[25] Bushmill’s will not be served at the opening unless you bring it in your flask, which would be cool. You can have a cup and /or some ice.
[26] I mean unless one of you knows someone who works for Bushmill’s and can get them to donate a few cases for the opening.