endless nameless.
The first solo exhibition of drawings and sculptures by Japeth Mennes

Opening reception Thursday June 1, 6-9pm
Open Thursdays in June 6-9pm
or by appointment

untitled (2005) approximately 26" in diameter, acrylic and gouache on wood shims

Using laborious labors and investigational investigations Japeth's goal is to work away from the familiar towards the strangely uncanny. In "endless nameless" he mulls over all things eternally endless and transitorily changing through the guise of vivid, colorful and mildly psychedelic abstract nonfigurative drawings and sculpture. Even though the hands are heavily involved, and always evident, Japeth thinks of his handcrafted works as self producing themselves, frequently even sidestepping his intentions, and plans to end up with something he didn't intend for or plan on. In the end, each piece creates its own self-governed and insularly inward-looking universe of birth, invention, production, reproduction, and death through labor, repetition, query, repetition, inconsistency, repetition, structure and repetition.

Japeth Mennes received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2001 and his MFA from Cranbrook in 2004. He currently lives and works and works and sometimes lives in Chicago. He has shown his artwork in and around the Midwest and has been a musical contributor to such bands as Fissure, Bedfellows, Low Skies, the Priests of Interstellar Love, and Cap Au Gris.