Calle Vieques 1121: Recent Drawings by Jacqueline Terrassa

Open Thursdays in October, 6-9pm
or by appointment

PLEASE NOTE: Reception October 12, 2006

Calle Vieques #3 ink on onion paper, 9 X 11 1/2 in (2006)

Jackie's work deals with habit and with the process of drawing as autobiography. The works in this show are attempts-the first in five years. But like before, these drawings try to recover images, locations, and methods of making. Can mark making bring to the surface with some level of individual veracity images that were once part of a personal quotidian, uneventful landscape? Some might call these nostalgic; Jackie sees them as habitual, a praise to the minor. All the drawings in this show are of one location, 1121 Calle Vieques, her grandmother's former home. Nobody really needs to know that it was her grandmother's house, there is no deep meaning here, and she has no desire to bring viewers into this space. Mostly, with these drawings Jackie's interested in how, working from memory, drawing can or can't give form to the familiar.

Jackie was born in Puerto Rico, received a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MFA from the University of Chicago. For thirteen years she worked in Hyde Park, first teaching and doing education programs at the Hyde Park Art Center and, most recently, directing programs at the Smart Museum of Art. Her works are in the city's public art collection and can be seen at the Lincoln/Belmont branch of the Chicago Public Library; one additional work is part of the San Miguel Arts Project, the Stockyard Institute. She has exhibited at the Hyde Park Art Center, Contemporary Art Workshop, Guadalupe Cultural Center, and Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña/Arsenal de la Marina in San Juan.