VONZWECK announces
VONZWECK at the Barn



VONZWECK at The Barn
2845 W Altgeld St

Opening Reception Thursday September 4
Open Thursdays in September, 6-9pm
or by appointment

I can be honest here, right,
I mean we're all friends and art lovers, right?
Big ups to those other spaces that tried
and… I guess little ups to the many more spaces that clearly didn't (you know who you are, or maybe you don't, hmmm… that would be kinda sad)
BUT for the last three years the best damn art shows in this here megalopolis have happened in my living room. I can say this because 1) I lived with them so I know how good they were and 2) I didn't make them; my uber-brilliant and mucho-talented friends did, I just basked in their glory and soaked in their magick.

But I'm not doing a season four.

This decision has nothing to do with the artists rather it has more to do with my owning too much stuff and trying to cram it into too small of a space (by which I mean every non-gallery room, you should have seen all the stuff piled in the dining room, the pantry, and in my bedroom- no actually you shouldn't have).

So low and behold:
VONZWECK est morte

But like a flame to either a moth or a phoenix there will be one last exhibition.

That's right the brilliant and charming Anthony Elms and Jacqueline Terrassa (the artists behind the two biggest selling shows at VONZWECK) are graciously allowing for one last exhibition:

VONZWECK at the Barn

The definitive group show of everyone who ever did a solo show at VONZWECK (except ofcourse Jackie and Anthony- it's their house, they can look at their own work anytime).

Hot Damn is this gonna be good! Just look at this lineup:
Brian Kapernekas
David Coyle
Steve Reinke
Deborah Stratman
Rob Ray
Jenny Walters
Brian Taylor
Andreas Fischer
Japeth Mennes
Kevin Jennings
Tony Tasset
Steve Lacy
Network of Cumulative Art
Teena McClelland
Karen Reimer
Vincent Como
Public Collectors/ Marc Fischer
Carrie Gundersdorf
Frank Pollard
Tyler Britt
Melissa Oresky
Deb Sokolow
Brennan McGaffey
Chris Deris

Graciously scheduled to open September 4, the night that would have been the opening of season 4, but more importantly the night before the big season openers in the "gallery district(s)" so every show you see after this one is guaranteed to look flaccid in comparison.