Why do people worry about stuff? It's all going to work out.
An exhibition of paintings by Andreas Fischer

Opening reception Thursday May 4, 6-9pm
Open Thursdays in May 6-9pm
or by appointment

Runner acrylic, 18" x 14" (2006)

Dre (as only I call Andreas, and really only behind his back) is skilled in many arts; while procrastination could be one, and cycling is a second I know painting is a third. Andreas is doing a show at VONZWECK because not only is he a somewhat nice guy (for being a rabid Iowa football fan), but as a painter he is, atleast I think, interested in the questions such as, why make paintings? Of what? And what role do they serve? How do paintings function in our life? And like, I just think, like, if you're going to bother making paintings you should, like, be smart about it.

Now for the bio part, Dre is way, way over educated with both under grad and grad degree in both art history and art, plus there is something on his resume from some place in Germany I've never heard of. His procrastination could be because he's super busy teaching at like every college in greater Chicago (and a few in lesser Chicago to boot). He did one of those 12X12's at the MCA a couple years back (which I liked)and has had solo shows at Zolla/Lieberman and some place in Berlin. He's been in group shows at just about every interesting gallery around Chicago, he got one of those Artadia grants two years back. He doesn't work for Cream Co.