VONZWECK announces
a new drawing for Philip's living room

by Carrie Gundersdorf

North Sky - 11 hours water color and colored pencil/ paper; 41 x 55 1/4"; 2007 (not in show)

Opening Reception Thursday October 4, 2007, 7-10pm
Open Thursdays in October, 6-9 PM
Or by appointment

Carrie is known for making immaculate, stunning drawings and paintings, derived from the objectivity of scientific observation photographs but not didactic or illustrative- abstracted, morphed through her own prejudice, and ultimately balancing between flawlessly crafted and formally cleverly awkward (she once beat me at three straight games of battleship because of my poor compositional skills).

Carrie Gundersdorf wears her childhood in Maine like an albatross. She almost never talks about anything other than lobster rolls. But she actually went to undergrad in one of those other hippy New England states before moving to Chicago to get her MFA at SAIC, returning to Maine just long enough to do that Skowhegan summer sex camp thing and eat more lobster rolls. She's shown at a bunch of places that have names something like "the Museum of Contemporary Art" and used to be part of the group called Deluxe. She normally exhibits her art works with Mr. Shane Campbell of the Ukrainian Village and Oak Park, please direct all further questions regarding her work to him.